Villa Oriental Gem


Visited in June 2018 on our summer tour of Northern Italy with Becci [Ninja Kitten) & Kat (Obscure Serenity) we arrived at this beautiful villa during the afternoon. From the outside its beauty is evident with frescos adorning the arcade galleries. These types of galleries are typical in Italian architecture with the wide covered walkways with arched balconies offering protection from the elements, especially the intense summer sun. 

Inside the spectacular murals continued with walls and ceilings bursting with colour and life and the surprising thing is that there is little decay and no vandalism. The building's interior does has some decay but the areas of art are mostly preserved nicely as if waiting for a new owner to make this a home once more. Some of the frescos have an Oriental theme hence the name of the villa. 


For some inexplicable reason we forgot to venture into the basement with its barrels of wine still in situ. 

As for more history of this villa, there isn't any, so its a bit of a mystery as to when it became abandoned and who lived here in the past.