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the orange mporgue/ chapel, berlin, germany, abandoned germany
The Orange Morgue & Chapel,

On our last day of the Berlin tour with Becci [Ninja Kitten] in April 2022, after many hours in The Forbidden City at Wünsdorf, we had two final locations to do. One of them was this small chapel and morgue in a joint building nestled inside the woods.

I have no history of this place at all regarding when it was in use or when both the chapel and morgue closed for good. Nearby is a huge nursing home complex and these may have a connection with the nursing home which is similarly abandoned and was the last location we did after this one.

The morgue is decorated with bright orange and yellow tiles, maybe to brighten up the place - if that is possible considering its use. Still, this site was a welcome little explore after the mammoth explore in The Forbidden City earlier in the day. 

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