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Murphy Machinery, Bradford, urbex, Abandoned, derelict
Murphy Machinery, Imperial Works Mill

Another location on my list for years but always pushed down the pecking order as the houses mounted up and overseas trips were undertaken! So it was nice to finally visit this place and photograph it whilst it was still in its abandoned state.


The history:

G.L.Murphy Machinery Manufacturers were based in the Imperial Works mill in West Yorkshire  and began trading in 1930. as an industrial parts manufacturer. In addition, the Company made tools, belt driven machinery, transmissions and electrical equipment, specialising in items for tanners and leather manufacturers in addition to glue and gelatine plants. They produced batch runs of specialist components and carried out renovation work on various machine parts. Post 2nd WW Murphy's made leather tanning machinery along with cable stripping reclamation machinery.


It is thought the Factory closed sometime in the 1970's although an exact date isn't known.


Although industrial sites are not my favourite places, I do like smaller factories like George Barnsley & Sons and this one had a similar feel to it.  Compact and still full of the atmosphere that made it easy to imagine the workers plying their trade once upon a time. The air filled with dust as strings of ivy spilled down from the rotten ceilings above, the mixture of left behind items along with the decay and wonderful lighting made for an enjoyable couple of hours inside. It would have been better if the lovely 'punch' sign hadn't been nicked but that's the problem with delaying visiting locations, all to often some salient features have vanished. 


I didn't actually venture upstairs due to time constraints but may go back to climb the steel staircase as the workshop up there looks rather nice with its skinning equipment.  Maybe too, i'll get to seee the infamous retro saucy pin up collection pinned to a wall!

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