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Mr.Jenkin's House, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Mr Jenkin's House, Ceredigion

A quick visit here on a 2 day tour of this part of Wales in 2014. As I was about to go inside a lady passed walking her dog which is often the case. Dog walkers do appear when you least want to see them, a bit like farmers!! I chatted to her for a while and she told me a little history of this house. It belonged to the Jenkins family who had bought it some years ago. She further went on to say that they had never been seen at the house and judging by its state and the fact the doors were wide open, doesn't seem they have much interest in it, especially not to secure it against the elements as well as chaps with cameras!


Inside was a typical farmhouse in this region, majestic rooms, lots of wood and a sturdy staircase. Some artefacts had been left inside, i particularly enjoyed the sight of the retro telephone on a window ledge, reminded me of the 1980's! [There wasn't a dial tone, I did check!]


There was still quite a bit of expensive looking furniture still inside but it had been pushed up against a wall  in the downstairs back room and I wasn't about to get it all out and place it around the house for shots. I imagine some would do this though.


Some nice retro wallpaper was in the kitchen along with fluttering net curtains. Not an amazing amount to get my teeth into but a nice house anyway and if memory serves me correctly a chance to try out my newly bought camera!


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