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MInd Candy Manor, Urbex, Abandoned
Mind Candy Manor, Kent

Location number 4 of a long day on the tour of the South in July 2014 with fellow photographers Shane and Tony. A large manor house nesteled in the Kent wildnerness and rather tricky to find even with maps and knowledge. Shane was our guide for this one as he'd been here before and wanted myself and Tony to see it for ourselves. The overgrown gardens full of discarded furniture and rubbish set the tone to a location long abandoned and falling into disrepair. However there was still enough inside to keep us occupied, frantically moving from rom to room photographing all four corners of this place.

The highlight of this location was the staircase, made of solid wood and still in good condition. The hallway at the foot of the stairs adding to the photographic possibilities with its chess board feel in black and white tiles decorated with fallen bits of rubbish and wallpaper from the surrounding walls.


Finally closing its doors in 2007, its last function was as a drug rehabilitation centre for adults and teenagers. Additionally the building is linked to someone famous in Kent, however in order to keep this location out of the tourist trail I have omitted who that was.


Decay beginning to set in throughout. Damp is evident as it rises up the walls and some floors are beginning to deteriorate making the walk around the uper floors somewhat perilous. Having said that, we did manage to get onto the roof with its watch tower and enjoy a rest whilst marveling at the views on this hot summers day.

Not much in the way of personal items yet Shane did manage to find - to him - a 'vintage' camera which kept him occupied whilst Tony and I got our shots. Unfortunately it wasn't a vintage Bronica medium format camera but just a plastic 126 film camera from the 1990's. Still, it was amusing seeing Shane disecting it furiously!


Another location ticked off and it was off to the next location of the day, The House of the Fallen Soldier.



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