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Marjorie's House, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Marjorie's House, Staffordshire

Hidden by thick trees from the passing cars on the nearby road, marjorie's house seems to be forgotten by everyone. There are no obvious ways to the house, no path, so it would seem it's been left to  its own devices for quite some time. Nature grows across the tired wooden window frames as well as the door  reflecting the lack of activity here.

The house is quite unremarkable to look at from the outside - except for the wonderful old fashioned windows - being a single storey home and inside is restricted to a mid size kitchen and 2 function rooms and a single bedroom, with a very small study room too.

The decor was wonderful, the typical bold colours of the 1970s still attached to the walls suggesting there hasn't been a refurb in a very long time, even when it was occupied, indeed if it was past the 1970s although there is nothing inside to suggest it was.

Old fashioned portraits still remain on a mantle piece above the huge victorian fireplace. More remain on walls staring out across barren rooms. A plethora of personal artefacts have remained in the house. School exercise books, nursing cards, wedding photographs and many other things from many decades ago. 

Marjorie, who lived here was a nurse in some capacity who also had a love of the piano. Maybe one of the wedding photographs is of her on her wedding day, the only reference to a male in the house is a school book with the name Derrick on it; either her son or husband depending on the year. Beyond this it's difficult to uncover any other history to the house. 

All in all a lovely piece of old fashioned history - very photogenic - even if it has been forgotten by the world. 

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