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Manor Dior

A very large detached house, mock tudor exterior in generous grounds. All the ingredients for a nice family home. However, this house has just been left alone its insides becoming damp and decay starting to unravel inside the house. Bizarre really as a little tidying up and renovation would make this house a nice home again. 

Inside all the possessions were still in place as if the occupants had left for a weekend and were about to return. 

It was clear that an elderly lady must have lived upstairs, probably bed ridden as there were lots of medical things present and signs of district nurses having visited. Maybe she outlived her husband and lived there alone in this big house. The bedroom was full of expensive Christian Dior items and Chanel. So many unopened packets of tights crammed into a wardrobe from a long time ago. Maybe she collected them. 

Some rooms were fairly intact, others covered in damp with wallpaper hanging off the walls and carpets soaked with rainfall where the ceilings had gaps. Furniture still in place surrounded by vintage letters and photographs as well as documents and other paperwork. Belongings discarded for whatever reason. 

I'd be surprised if this house stayed like this for long. Someone must want to buy it and renovate it. Then again many houses are just left for decades until they crumble to the ground. Time will tell. 

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