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manor aux statues, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Manor aux Statues

Visited during a 3 day tour of Belgium with my friend Becci, this large detached house was in such a beautiful part of Belgium, on the banks of a huge river winding round the surrounding hills.

Inside after a rather clumsy entrance, having to evade some chaps fishing by the river, we found a wonderful house full of the possessions eft behind ad a nice dusting of decay to add to the abandoned feel.

Large rooms on 3 floors, vintage furniture and everyday possessions scattered around, kept us occupied for a couple of hours. 

I haven't any particular history for this house and there weren't many clues as to what the occupants ever did for work. Suffice to say, one of the occupants amassed a large girly poster collection which had somehow become scattered all over the floors!

The usual items were inside. Singer sewing machine [obviously], letters, photographs, books, many vintage film and theatre pamphlets. 

I presume this house once had statues inside from the name it has been given previously. We didn't e any though so they have vanished by some means along the way. 

A great place to explore and spend a couple of hours photographing before leaving and evading once more the soporific fisherman on the river bank. 

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