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Manoir Swastika, France, urbex, abandoned
Manoir Swastika

Visited in summer 2019 on the France tour with Becci (Ninja Kitten). We only had the coordinates given to us a few days before leaving the UK and no information on the building. We hadn't even seen any photographs of the interior so went completely blind.

Situated in a very quiet French village and we parked up in a convenient plot of wasteland next to the manor house. As we didn't want to be seen, we decided to go around the back and through the back garden which turned out to be a huge error of judgement as it was completely swamped with brambles and 10ft high thick reed like plants. Navigating through was near impossible as it meant judging the route to the back of the manor without sight. By the time we made our way through we were bleeding from so many cuts and razor sharp scratches from the vegetation. We spent 10 minutes using our first aid kits to clean up the blood and make ourselves fit to go inside!

The interior of the manor was a typical affair with huge bay windows and aged wooden shutters. Vintage furniture was still in situ along with personal items left behind. It was clear that the manor house had been abandoned for quite some time judging by the decay and dust.

There is no history to be found on the manor house, if there is some out there it'k

ll be on  french website so my limited French prohibits me from better research.

All in all, worth the fraught entry method in the end however, when we had finished photographing inside and left the manor house, we saw a convenient gap in the hedge which led directly to the car. If only we had seen it on the way in.

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