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Manoir de Viron

Visited in 2016 on a tour across Belgium with Becci [Ninja Kitten] and Martin. The Manor house is found in a sleepy village and set in several acres of gardens. It had been photographed numerous times before and when we arrived some of the beds and personal items had been cleared out or simply taken away. There was still enough inside to photograph with magazines, clothes and that pram still in situ along with lovely decay of the interior.

The whole has has a mystique about it possibly via years of affluent living and expensive adornments and decor. The dress hung up in one of the bedrooms seemingly belonged to a lady of exquisite taste and high society living. 

Around 1910, Baron Maurice de Viron [hence the name given to the house] bought a humble barn and subsequently converted it into a domestic villa in the 1920s. In 1941, Baron Maurice passed away at the age of 60 years being outlived by his wife Maguerite until she too passed away in 1967 aged 84 years. 

The youngest and unmarried daughter Isabelle de Viron, lived on her own in the house until 1980. Isabelle then moved in to the original converted barn - after further renovations had been undertaken - for her remaining days and the house remained empty of inhabitants ever since, slowly succumbing to the elements with decay setting in.


The house was modified so it could be used as a war hospital during the Second World War.

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