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Manna House, Lincolnshire, Urbex, Abandoned
Manna House, Lincolnshire

Dating from around 1680, Manna house is a magnificent Grade II listed country house set in 1.82 acres of protected woodland and is believed to have been built for and possibly desinged by Christopher Turnor. Later it was part of the Sutton family's estate who are renowned estate owners in the area. It was then sold in December 2008 for nearly a quater of a milion pounds to the Hills who put it up for auction yet it remained unsold maybe due to the maintenance costs involved and the renovation costs even though it looked fine to me! It actually seemed in decent condition albeit to an untrained eye and was a pleasure to photograph with none of the hazards of some abandoned buildings.


In the back garden there is still a child's swing adding to the sense that once people actaully lived here as well as the personal items stuck to one of the children's bedrooms. I can imagine it would be a child's dream lving here with all the hidden rooms and space to run around and hide. The staircase cast in shadows against the dark green walls adds to the atmosphere of this place and makes it all the more photogenic. Many of the original fittings are still intact with the huge mottled marble fireplace in the study room catching the eye as you enter the room. The house is accompanied by many outer buildings including 3 stabes.


I hope this house gets the treatment it deserves it would be great to see it restored to its former glory.

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