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Maison René Antoine, france, urbex, abandoned
Maison René Antoine

Visited on the France tour of summer 2019 with Becci [Ninja Kitten] and found purely by chance whilst we drove across the countryside in between or targeted locations.

Pulling up at the side of the road, we found a way in and spent an hour or so exploring the house and taking our photographs.

Most of the possessions were left behind in the house and from a calendar in the kitchen pinned to the wall, it seemed the house was last lived in in 2014.

Inside was messy, items scattered all around, personal letters, documents and other papers strewn around the floor.

Upstairs was a bedroom of a child who made aeroplanes from kits. 

As we were sat at our hire car afterwards outside the house, a chap came over the road from a nearby house and asked us if we had been in the house. We said we hadn't and were simply resting up taking a breather and a cold drink in the hot sun. He said it was his parents house and had been left like that since they died.


According to paperwork in the house René Antoine was most likely the chaps father.

I wanted to ask him why the house wasn't secure and such a mess inside if this was now his house passed on to him. Of course I didn't as we hadn't been inside. 

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