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maison popeye, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Maison Popeye

After parking up, coordinates proving to be accurate, myself and some fellow explorers made our way through the torrential rain, down stream like paths to this little abandoned house in a tiny Belgium village. 

Small it may have been but packed with charm and a cacophony of swirling colours as the light caught the foliage baying for space at the tatty windows. 


First it was up the rikerty stairs and in to the 2 bedrooms. Cobweb covered windows, bedding still on the bed and other personal items scattered around. Beauty products still inside the cabinets which is always a favourite of mine, adding a real personal feel to who once lived there. Exposures were longer than normal due to a lack of light anywhere in his house but patience was worth it as the interior came to life on my camera screen. 


Downstairs, 2 rooms, packed with life. Maybe still, maybe dust covered but brimming with hints at its former residents. On the dining table items still left. On a side cabinet a turntable from the 1970's sat still but one could imagine the sounds of music emanating through the stone walls once upon a time.  Magazines, books, clothes and other items left behind.


There is no history to this house but ones imagination fills in the story. In between what is left are spaces which can be filled in. Maybe a lone resident or a family? Whoever it was who lived in Maison Popeye, they left behind a most charming little house.


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