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maison pierre, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Maison Pierre

The problem with overseas locations is the difficulty in getting any history to a location. Any items left behind with writing on which may reveal clues are rendered useless being in a language I don't understand. Maybe it's time to learn the languages of Belgium, all 3 of them.

This tiny house in rural Belgium is a case in point. It's been names Maison Pierre, yet I'm not sure why. Envelopes left behind had the name Jnheer. A on them. Maybe a relative of Pierre? Who knows. The house remains a mystery like many of the others in this country.

The house itself had extensive water damage and decay. Just one floor, there didn't even seem to be a bedroom. As is often the case in this pat of Belgium, the occupants were religious. Catholic artefacts were everywhere, Heavy crucifixes and figurines adorning the mantelpieces and shelves.  The religious items saved the day really as it wan't the most photogenic house I've been in. The most poignant item found being the photograph pf the child. Was she a relative of the occupants? Did she live there? If so where did she sleep?! Were the school books hers?

Unanswered questions but none the less, a sad sight to see a former home just left to rot where nobody seems to want the personal items left behind.

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