maison lourdes, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Maison Lourdes

Walking through the torrential rain with Ninja Kitten to this remote farmhouse we could see the extreme decay from afar with half the roof missing. Inside we had to be careful as rain was pouring inside and making the visit treacherous.


On first viewing there didn't seem much, but amongst the rubbish and discarded everyday items were so many photographs of the previous occupants past life etched on to photographic print. In particular a batch of weddding photographs, discoloured and looking tatty just left behind with no one wanting these reminders of good days.


Religious artefacts were everywhere, rosary beeds in plentiful supply along with statuette crucifixes covered in dirt and rusting under the harsh Belgian winter sky.


Upstairs looked lethal. The staircase up to it creeked alarmingly, the two small bedrooms were a tip, furniture pushed over and the floors covered in trash. I didnt go inside them deciding to get one image from the top of the stairs before returning to the relative safety of the ground floor; I just didnt trust the floors up there. Past experiences really do instill a sense of caution especially when half the house is succumbing to the elements.


With several more locations still to tick off on this particular jaunt, we headed off to our next location, a couple of hours in the company of the past, rotting away but full of glorious hints of something more substantial.


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