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maison l'oiseau bleu, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Maison L 'oiseau Bleu

All 1950s splendour; I loved this house. Trapped in another age between 1950 and 1970. So much nostalgia. Everything left inside - albeit a little chaotic - as people had been inside and rampaged through the possessions tossing them about without a care in the world. Still, between the chaos was wonderful artefacts from golden days. perfume bottles, magazines, books, much to see in this house. Art deco facade, art deco interior. 

History isn't available for this house but it seems a lady was the last person to live here. There were very fee items remaining suggesting a gentleman was here at the end unless he wore Chanel No.5!


The house itself was very liveable, with minimal decay if any at all. Just the usual spider webs decorating the windows. Nothing too extreme though to fuel my fear of spiders. All rather serene really.

The prams had vanished. 


Some items had been obviously set up for shots. Oh well, I photographed it as I found it. 


Urbex graffiti scrawled on the bedroom mirror in lipstick. No respect some people. Thankfully I was able to clone it out in the edited photograph.

A wonderful explore, a trip back in time.

I wonder where the family are who inherited this house. Seemingly it's just not wanted.

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