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maison limi, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Maison Limi

At the end of a long day trecking across Belgium we managed to squeeze in this house about 20 minutes before sunset. A mad dash around the house which luckily wasn't huge and several hand held - high ISO - photographs were taken at high speed as the darkness started to fall. 


Quite a confusing state of affairs on this street. The house next door looks abandoned and at first we were confused, which is it? Ninja Kitten checked the right one, I checked the left one and we decided it was the left one as the people sat in the lounge watching TV of the right one was a slight clue that that house wasn't abandoned yet it really did look it from the outside. 


This house still had the remnants of a lost life inside including one giant dining table for for a castle, it looked slightly out of place in this modest semi rural home. Maybe the former occupants liked to wine and dine? Or maybe they just had a massive family or something. 


No history could be found to the house but it did appear to have been empty of people for quite some time judging by the decay in some of the rooms which consisted of a large open plan sitting/dining room separated by a huge stone fireplace, two bedrooms, kitchen and a bathroom. Very ordinary and very abandoned. 


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