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maison le grande georges, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Maison le Grand Georges

Delapidated, decayed and severely wounded by the elements. Maison le Grand Georges is living on borrowed time. I can see this little house falling down in the not too distant future such is the level of decay. 


Obviously no one has claimed this house which is sad as inside are still the left overs of a previous life. Plenty of remnants of the previous owners existence inside to make you wonder if there is anyone left in the family chain. It appears not.


In a sleepy Belgian town this house just seems to have been forgotten. Hidden in part by trees yet the structure has gaping holes allowing the rain to saturate the inside. The floors - where present - sink into the ground with each footstep whilst drips of water fall down from above.


A mystery ths one. Visited with Ninja Kitten, photographed and then on to the next. In Belgium it can be a relentless march through abandoned homes, so many of them seem to exist. It can be easy to become desensitised to what people don't want anymore. 


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