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maison kirsch, luxemburg, urbex, abandonedgraphy
Maison Kirsch

Myself and Becci made the ludicrously long drive from Manchester to this house in Luxemburg. Pure madness I know but once inside the actual locations all fatigue seems to disappear!


The house didn't disappoint. Quite large overall, the rooms still lay in their roots losing none of their nostagic past. Majestic beds still in the bedrooms with their bed linen still in situ. Such grand beds are common in Luxemburg and Belgium no wonder some like to stay overnight in these houses to save money on hotel costs. I'm yet to do that but it's tempting sometimes in a house such as this one.


We spent around 3 hours inside photographing every nook and cranny marvelling at the sheer old fashioned feel to the place. Nothing modern existed in the house suggesting the last residents never updated thankfully and it's been abandoned for quite some time. 

The desk downstairs was fabulous with its dusty books still in place and wrought iron reading lamp. 


A good start to four days in Luxemburg and Belgium and on to the next we went.....................

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