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maison hommel, luxemburg, urbex, abandonedotography
Maison Hommel

Ninja Kitten and I waited. We waited for so long for a procession of ramblers to pass, all armed with hiking sticks. They kept walking past as we waited to go in. Where they had come from and where they were going heaven knows. But still they walked, in twos and threes chatting and basically delaying our strict itinery for the day. Finally after what seemed like an age the last few walked off in to the distance and that was that. In we went. 


Once inside we realised that we could have just gone in such was the derelict state of the house, abused by time and looking none too good. One bedroom was nice with the old bed and strategically placed vintage umbrella for previous photograhic purposes I imagine. The rest of the house was a tip. If only one of those hundreds of walkers had the mind to tell us it was this derelict , we may have skipped it but these type of houses with such extensive damage can be a challenge to get good images. 


One room was an enigma we didn't solve. Upstairs a bedroom, with a locked door that just wouldn't budge. If its not meant to open then thats how it stays. But what was inside there will remain a mystery. 


Downstairs had a few personal photographs to add faces to the wrecked former home and the piano room saved the house from total despair. I've seen better, I've seen worse but I've never seen so many mature ramblers with sticks marching into the distance.

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