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maison general P, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Manoir Du Général P

Late in the day on a 4 day trip we ended up at this large residential building. A detached house abandoned for some time. It has been named Maison General P although I am not sure why. 

I only had 20 minutes as this was another location where I had to borrow a camera after mine was broken in a previous location. So a quick dash around and only after did i realise the said camera was set to jpeg, hence the low quality of these and I don't think  a combination of jpeg and the camera model could handle the low light conditions!

All in all, a nice house, the usual over the top wallpaper in every room and on the ceilings. That is something I have noticed in Belgium, they wallpaper the ceiling too which adds a claustrophobic feel to rooms. 

Some nice art deco fireplaces and clocks still inside, sadly a lot of the photographs seen in previous reports were missing with just a few left on a bedside desk. 

I didnt have time to photograph downstairs except one shot of a fireplace before we had to leave as our ferry was waiting. Probably a missed opportunity to really photograph this house properly. Oh well, if I'm ever passing in the future i'm sure i'll pop back in.


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