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maison felix, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Maison Felix

A very typical Belgium farmhouse. All retro browns in that vintage 1970's style. Wallpaper from the decade where flares were cool, some of it intact and some of it gradually peeling away from the damp interior walls. Just as I like it!

A lounge quite full of furniture - not pictured here in its entirety - along with an accompanying vintage sewing machine. Lace curtains shielding the bright sunshine of this warm autumn day.


Not much in terms of clues as to who once lived her but I am guessing it was a person named Felix considering the codename already given to it. Or maybe there was a link to cats here? Who knows....


Luckily I wasn't alone here, being with a companion on this trip which helped getting up the stairs to photograph the bedrooms. Long since caved in, there was no stairs, just a rather battered and tired looking wooden ladder. Some body manipulation was needed to get up the ladder and onto the upper floor! Age seems to be at odds with such feats these days!


Majestic beds dominated the bedroom. Belgium houses always seem to have such incredible beds; works of art rather than merely being a place to sleep. The wooden carvings on the beds in what after all wasn't a palace but a humble farmhouse suggests that beds are quite a priority for the Belgian people.

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