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maison 3 suisses, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Maison 3 Suisses

Visited in August 2016 on a 3 day tour of Belgium & France with my usual fellow explorer Ninja Kitten - Becci. This little house looked nice from the photos we had seen so was on our to do list for this trip.

From the outside its a rather unspectacular house in a very quiet mountain village but inside was like stepping back in time to a past decade. Each room was filled with left behind artefacts looking dusty and so very vintage. Portraits on walls hinted at connections to the house along with letters and photographs discarded and seemingly unwanted by anyone.

The tory goes that the house was lived in last by a couple, he was a banker and was outlived by his wife who in her later years lived in the lounge downstairs where a bed was in situ. 

In most rooms, the wallpaper is peeling off the wall, rot has set in and the floors are littered with all manner of paperwork and documents. We had to be careful not to tread on things whilst photographing the house's contents.

As we were packing up, to our horror we noticed on the window frames above the bed in the downstairs makeshift bedroom were spiders, 3 of them and unusually big. Not the kind of spiders one would expect to see in a north European home. Suffice to say we left the property rapidly at this point luckily having already got our shots and seen the whole house. I still have nightmares about those spiders!

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