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maison de la faucheuse, france, urbex, photography
Maison de la Faucheuse

Visited on the French tour with Becci (Ninja Kitten) in the summer of 2019. In a small sleepy French village, Maison de la Faucheuse is conspicous by its forlorn and tired exterior amongst the well-manicured gardens of the nearby houses. From the outside it is obviously derelict and abandoned. Inside it is a throwback to another decade. Furniture still in situ, a lovely piano and beds, framed portraits and of course the poor fox whose final resting place was inside this house. 

The scythe - which gives the house its name - has long since vanished. The pram - more importantly - was still there, covered in rust and dust and mirroring the overall gloomy feel to the house.

The house has only one floor as a living area which is raised above the cellar onto the first-floor level. A large reception room has a bedroom off-set with its two beds still with the bedding on. The kitchen floor is sinking and wont last much longer and a back bedroom had no floor except a small section holding up a rotten bed. 

Plenty of documents lay around and it seems the owner was an industrial designer in the 1930s. When the house became abandoned its hard to say but there was no items post-1980s in the house, so its probably been a good 30-40 years.

A great house, all the ingredients present; vintage items, decay, peeling wallpaper and of course the fabulous pram. 

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