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Maison de l'Enfant, France, Urbex, Abandoned, Decay, A World in Ruins
 Maison de l'Enfant

 Photographed in June 2023 on our summer tour with Becci, we didn't expect too much from this house having seen previous photographs. However, once inside it was far better than we expected. Some of the house appears to be missing from the outside, maybe some of it was demolished i the past, the rest of the exterior is covered almoast entiely by foliage after many years of neglect. 

Obviously tis house was once a grand town house, the furnishings were grand as well as the decoration albeit now, looking tired and in need of some tlc. Lots of portraits in their frames still remained inside - luckily - giving a personal feel to the house, maybe they are former occupants? No history is available about this house. A lovely location to photograph, the right blend of vintage artefacts surrounded by extensive decay. 

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