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maison dave, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Maison Dave

One of many houses visited on my first Belgium trip along with a few friends. This one was one of the final houses of the trip and didn't disappoint. A dark and brooding house with religion dominating the walls, crucifixes adorning the vintage wallpaper. The main downstairs reception room was almost too dark to see anything due to the window shutter being closed. The room itself a gloomy vintage affair, peeling golden wallpaper around the vintage radio and framed pictures exaggerating the old world feel to the place. 


Upstairs was quite spectacular. The largest bedroom with its beautiful vintage furniture and huge crucifix on the mantle piece dominating the room. The other two bedrooms equally as beautiful, still with their furniture and beds in situ as if the last owner would come back any time and climb in to one of the dark wooden beds. 


Who the last residents were I have no idea. Maison Dave doesn't actually refer to a person. I would imagine the house has been unoccupied for quite some time as the decay has started to set in synonymous with the heating having been switched off for number of years. 


Obviously like in most houses in Belgium I have photographed, the family were religious and displayed the usual regalia. It's my guess the very last resident was male due to the lack of any female related items in the house. As usual, questions to answer, questions to make up a myriad of answers to.

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