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Maison Boon, Belgium, urbex, Abandoned Belgium, A World in Ruins, Abandoned House
Maison Boon 

Visited in late 2015, we had heard the stories of this house in a remote Belgian village and the potential dangers associated with going inside this abandoned house but decided to go anyway. The previous night we parked up in the dark and checked access which was very easy. The next morning we got up extra early and arrived at the house whilst it was still dark and parked a good few hundred metres away so as not to arouse suspicion. We made our way in with only a couple of houses nearby having any lights on. Once inside we waited an hour or so for the sun to rise and the old house to have some light. 

The things we had heard and read on the internet regarding this house made it a rather nervous visit and quicker than would normally be. The current owner lives next door and was aware photographers liked to go inside and photograph the house. There are also stories of the mad lady who is thought to be the daughter of the last occupant of the house living nearby. Legend has it that if she catches people inside he house she attacks them, damages their camera gear or damages their car - or all three! How true that is who knows but best not to be inside too long and find out. 


Since visiting this house, cameras have gone up and warning signs to deter would be explorers from entering the house. One wonders why the access was so easy if someone doesn't want anyone to go inside?

Anyway, after a short time rushing round to get the photos we left, intact and got back to our undamaged car. Urban myths or truth? 

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