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Maison Anna

A tiny house, tucked away in a tiny village in a tiny country. The journey started in Manchester for my partner in abandoned buildings becci [Ninja Kitten] and ended up here. Sixteen hours by car and boat. 

The house had obviously been abandoned for a long time as the walls were buckled and the upper floors wilting under years of neglect. Personal items still sat in situ as if the previous inhabitants had merely popped out. The obligatory crucifix still hung on the wall as is often the case in houses in Luxemburg and Belgium. Windows swathed in cobwebs showed the years of stillness in this house. 

No history is known of this house, who lived there or when they left although by its very name, someone called Anna must have lived there. 

After a couple of hours we left, sneaking past neighbour's houses to stay unseen and on to yet another road trip across Luxemburg and Belgium.

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