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Magic Manor, Norfolk, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Magic Manor, Norfolk

This house was a treat. For myself, with my obsession with vintage artefacts it had so much. A large house, quite majestic in appearance yet inside a decaying relic from the past, yet so full of life amongst the quiet it practically had a life of its own. Windows covered in ivy creepeing in through windows adding a nice touch of the outside world to this frozen in time dwelling.

The bedrooms were full of items which would now seem hugely outdated but to me were reminders of the past, how things used to be, and made.


The child's wooden cot in one bedroom, surrounded by a mess of clothes strewn around, pure nostalgia. The wicker basket on its stand in another bedroom. The windows so overgorwn with foliage no light ebtered the room resulting in mammoth exposures just to bring out any detail from the room. 

Vintage 'June' comics dated 1962, green marbles in a ceramic pot, a vintage radio nearby. So many items from childhood's lived at this house. 


Downstairs was just as retro in feel. The orange wallpaper and accompanying curtains were a real throwback to the 1970s. A wedding album just left on the carpet seemed quite sad that noone wanted to take this and treasure it. 

The kitchen and bathrooms were fabulously vintage. Creams and lotions 40 years past their sell by date. A wooden clothes horse far outliving today's plastic monstrosities. 


One of the best houses I've been inside purely for the mixture of decay and vintage items. A real time capsule. Dark and cold inside with bizarre colour casts in every room via the filtered windows. Worth every minute of the 4 hours spent inside!


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