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Lozenge House, Anglesey, Wales, Abandoned, Decay, Urbex
Lozenge House, Anglesey, Wales

Anglesey is a rich landscape for abandoned houses for some reason. As you drive around they are everywhere, some noticeable and some hidden shrouded in foliage after many years of neglect.

Visited with Becci in 2022, this house had certainly seen better days. Barely visible from the road [and barely visible in the external I've put here!] and battered by the elements and scared by a fire which looks to have started in the kitchen at some point in the past. 

I wasn't going to get my camera out at first but I like a challenge and decided to try to get at least 15-20 images worth keeping. Amongst the chaos of left behind belongings strewn around the floors and piled up on surfaces, were some nice personal items left behind especially the vintage photograph wallets. 

Who lived here in the past I have no idea. No clues were in the house to get any history. In the ended it was worth the hour or so inside. 

After we departed the house, an elderly gent came up to us complaining about people going in the house to photograph it. We expressed our suprise as we were merely travelling through and hadn't even noticed the house as it was hidden. Sometimes you have to think quick. 

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