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the little green house, belgium, urbex, abandoned
The Little Green House

Buried away in the belgium countryside is this little house shrouded in its overgrown garden. To passers by it seems innocuous yet behind the shutters is a mysterious little world of lost belongings, decay and light effects to confuse the best DSLR.


Some rooms had light streaming in that had turned green via the shutter slats on the outside windows, adding an alomost outer space feel to it. In some rooms it was pitch black with near minute exposures needed. The most challenging rooms were the ones with extreme light shafts in one part yet utter blackness in other parts. A challenge and the images can end up looking as if flash has been used which of course never is the case in these locations!


Upstairs was the most intriguing for me. A small bedroom sandwished inbetween two others, a childs wooden crib covered in dust by the window which itself was a mass of silk left behind by numerous spiders. It made me think about the link between spider phobias and actual experiences of them in infancy. Any child sleeping in this crib now would be in for a hard time in later life!

In another bedroom lay toys still on the bed although the floor looked to brittle to venture too far into that room. The third bedroom had in it a majestic vintage bird cage minus its occupant who had long flown the nest. Spiders webs continued throughout the upstairs in each bedroom, the sheer volume looked impressive if a little daunting.


Downstairs rooms were very dark yet there was suffiient vintage items to warrant taking a stack of photographs. A bed in a downstairs room may suggest the last occupant lived downstairs before departing. The little wooden steps up to the upper floor were tricky enough as it was, an elderly person may have decided it was easier to live their remaining days in their little green house, downstairs.


A second visit was made some months later. Still pitch black, still illuminous green in places however the upstairs floors had somewhat collapsed making it impossible to go into the rooms. I shudder to think I was faffing about up there just a few months earlier unaware of the delicate nature of what I was stepping on!

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