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le manoir scavenger, france, urbex, photography
Le Manoir Scavenger

Visited in June 2019 with Ninja Kitten - Becci on out tour across France. This was the last location on day one when limbs were weary and we started to wilt under the fierce sun. 


After parking up in a sleepy small town late in the evening we headed towards the mansion. After walking around the outside of the large gardens we decided upon the best way in and went for it. Luckily not many people were out and about so no one would see us. Once inside we were met by a magnificent old home, rooted firmly in some distant decade and left to the mercy of curious onlookers.

Every room was filled with artefacts left behind. The whole mansion was crammed with the previous occupants belongings, left behind as unwanted items.

ay had set in, giving the mansion that look of being abandoned for quite some time although when it did become vacant is unknown.

Vintage items were still in situ all around the house with each room more like a museum to the past. The strong evening sun casting light in the upper bedrooms contrasting with the darkness downstairs.

A quite magnificent old mansion, we spent 3 hours inside before heading off to our long-awaited hotel beds.


Within a week of being there, pictures appeared on the internet of the beautiful mansion having been smashed to bits. Obviously some people don't appreciate such things of beauty. 

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