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le manoir noir, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Le Manoir Noir

Visited in 2018 with Becci - Ninja Kitten - on a tour of Belgium. We went one evening in the dark to check the house out and see if it was still accessible. We returned the next morning bright and early to explore the house and photograph it. 

Inside the interior was very gloomy made worse by the scorched walls after a fire in the house some time previously. The fire hadn't done too much damage and most rooms were still accessible. The highlight was the very top bedroom on the 3rd floor. A tiny bedroom full of religious statues gazing out across the room. Some had been vandalised and had no heads. In this room were piles of very old letters and photographs, always fascinating to see and giving some personal info to the house.

I can't give history of the house despite the personal letters and names written on them as my French isn't good enough to decipher the text. 

We had to hide in that room for a while as 2 chaps entered with a video camera, we waited a few minutes and they left. Probably just curious locals or other explorers maybe.

Two hours were spent inside until we left for our next destination. 

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