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Le Manoir Mystère, France, Urbex, Abandoned
Le Manoir Mystère

One of many locations visited on the summer tour in 2019 with Becci (Ninja Kitten). This huge detatched manor house in a sleepy rural village really stood out like a sore thumb amongst the residential streets.

I imagine in its day it belonged to a well off family such is its size. Now it is a derelict relic. There is absolutely no background information to this house so the pictures will have to tell the story. It does appear to have been lived in since becoming abandoned by people who have painted murals on the walls, maybe squatters or it was a commune?

The upstairs rooms were too derelict to venture too far up, the couple of upstairs rooms in these photographs were photographed whilst staying to the side walls as the floors were full of huge holes.

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