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Le Manoir de Nicole, Urbex, France, Abandoned, A World in Ruins, Urbex
Le Manoir de Nicole

Photographed on the June 2023 tour of France & Belgium with Becci, this large country house was a real bonus on the trip. From the outside it had the look of a medieval building half taken over by the approaching foliage which covered half of the exterior. 

Once through the brambles and nettles and into the house we had a couple of hours inside to explore and photograph the many rooms but only after some first aid to ripped legs and nettle stings. 

The interior was the perfect blend of extensive decay and old world vintage personal artefacts left behind. There was quite an oppressive feel to the interior with dark furnishings and decoration throughout verging on morbid - especially the staircases. 

Absolutely stacked with left over belongings strewn about the floors and still in situ on mantelpieces and furniture tops and the ubiquitous fancy beds often seen in Belgium and France. 

The house really was a delight to photograph being typical of what France has on offer and of which is rarely seen in the UK. 

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