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Le Manoir de Madeleine, France, Urbex, Abandoned
 Le Manoir de Madeleine

Another lost French house photographed in June 2023 with Becci on our summer tour. Once we made it past the continually yapping dog that was trying to alert the entire village we made our way in to the house to spend a couple of hours exploring and taking photographs. 

The house was on the small side but absolutely packed with the previous owners possessions just left behind. Everything in the house seemed old and vintage and generally covered in layers of dust that had gathered over the years of non-occupancy. 

Even the smaller houses in France seem to resemble miniature manor houses with their flamboyant decor and majestic furniture.

The famous prosthetic leg that was once in the bedroom had vanished from the house [some irony there], never-the-less, it was still a great explore as we made our way around obscure little French villages in the baking heat.

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