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Manor of the bride, urbex, Abandoned, Le manoir de la Marié, decay
Le Manoir de la Mariée
(The Manor of the Bride)

Visited on two occasions in 2015, a quite exquisite manor house in a small quiet village in Belgium. Definitely one of my favourite locations in Belgium. Full of the former occupants possessions giving a glimpse into the former lives once lived here. 

The interiors hinted at a degree of opulence with grand furniture, expensive perfumes and furnishings. Star of the show were the wedding dress which luckily was still there on the initial visit but had vanished a few months later on return. A beautiful pram in an upstairs bedroom really set the scene for me and added to the vintage feel inside. 

A well preserved location in 2015 but as the years have gone by has deteriorated rapidly and is up for sale. 

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