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Le Château Militaire, france, urbex, abandoned, decay, a world in ruins
 Le Château Militaire

Another brutally good location photographed during the June 2023 tour of France & Belgium with Becci. Barely visible from the road due to it being hidden amongst overgrown gardens and a small wood which took some effort to clamber through to reach the welcoming open window.

Inside a mixture of decay and ancient artefacts still in place in the many rooms over three floors. The Château  has obviously not been lived in for quite some time judging by the decay and vintage items all around. There was a vintage feel about the entire place with little in the way of modern artefacts so to speak of. On the top floor,  a row of wall shelves were littered with military exercise books from the 1800s into the 1900s as well as books on military and magazines lying around the floors hinting at a connection with the army of some sort. 

We spent a good couple of hours in here, out of the burning sun and trying to avoid the swarms of flies in each room. Another fantastic location seemingly forgotten and locked in another time. 

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