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Château du Martin Pêcheur, france, urbex, abandoned
Le Château du Martin Pêcheur

Finally ticked off this beautiful Chateau on a Belgium/France tour with Becci 'Ninja Kitten' and Martin, and although all the artefacts had been removed it was still a magnificent place to see and photograph. Until only a few weeks before we arrived it had a grand piano in and lots of personal items left behind, but judging by the burnt things on a bonfire in the gardens it looks as though these items had been removed and got rid of which is such a shame.


Grand rooms, huge bay windows and all the trappings of affluence one would expect in a Chateau. Sweeping staircaes leading up to the upper rooms. The most intriguing room for me was the small narrow bathroom area where a bath was still in situ yet without proper windows for light, must have beem a claustrophobic experience bathing in that bath, possible that was a servants room as the other bathrooms were much more spacious an airy.


History is non existent regarding this Chateau that I can find.  The pictures will have to speak for themselves this time!

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