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la ferme des templiers, france, urbex, abandoned
La Ferme des Templiers

Visited in the summer of 2019 on a tour across central France with Ninja Kitten, this farm was one of the last on our list.


A beautiful drive through the French countryside and we arrived at a tiny hamlet in the middle of nowhere. It seems at first glance to be a forgotten little place, the farm being nestled amongst several other buildings which all look abandoned. However, as we arrived several people were milling around the other buildings. Were they the new owners? It looked as if they were looking to buy or had bought them, so we had to be careful to get into the farm itself which was the focus of our visit anyway.


Templar Farm gets its name from it being a former Templar commandery. Abandoned for many years - probably decades - it is in surprisingly good condition. Floors are solid and the famous spiral staircase still solid allowing a trip to the top. It stands out from the rest of the buildings in the hamlet due to 

its tower and Templar insignia.


This farm constitutes part of the wider hamlet and its buildings. It was built by the Templars who, after settling there in the twelfth century, found a commandery there in the thirteenth century. A chapel and other houses/outbuildings all form part of this little hamlet. The chapel was built under the strict condition that it was not to be visited by the wider population.

The Templars lived off the land and collected various royalties to sustain their existence. Templar Farm yielded 50 guilders per annum. 


WE spent a couple of hours inside, slowly making our way around in the burning summer heat. Bits of furniture were still present as were beds with bedding upstairs as well as a vintage piano. 


The long drive was worth it for the spiral staircase alone. We left and got questioned by a local wandering past as to why we were in a private building. Our lack of French meant a short conversation ensued and we left to go to our next location.

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