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Athens Kindergarten

Visited with a dear friend Alexia who attended this kindergarten in the 1980s and who told me of its closure some years ago and current abandoned state. So off we went to have a look around and a chance for Alexia to revisit her childhood.

heavily covered in graffiti and signs of people having lived in some of the rooms, probably homeless people, the school is in a sad state of disrepair now.


A few things still remain from when the school was still open, things such as chalk and text books and some of the children's school work still on the walls.


The school is renowned for implementing what were thought to be inovative teaching ideas and since its closure it has moved to a much larger building nearby, hence this smaller facility closing in 1992 for good.


The philologist George Ziridi, a man with vision and insight, established an innovative Educational Agency in Piraeus, the "Athena Lyceum."

1962.  The "Lyceum Athena" moves to Maroussi and is an exemplary educational institution that inspires and opens new avenues of pedagogical knowledge.


1969.  and in standalone building in Maroussi, Athens, the kindergarten is transferred. Hera Ziridi successfully undertakes address. At the same year, the school introduces innovative applications within the educational process for educational issues in the wider country.


2002.  The "Youth Ziridi School" is launched at Spata area and is an educational complex of international standards designed according to the most modern pedagogical trends.

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