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Kaleidoscope cottage, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Kaleidoscope Cottage

Visited in 2019 with Becci we parked up around the corner and made our way into this cottage at the side of a busy road. From the outside it is obviously abandoned as the torn curtains flutter out of the smashed windows and the gardens are very overgrown. Signs that no one has lived in the cottage for many years.

Time to go inside and see what has been left behind.....

The first thing that is apparent is the colour scheme of the cottage, each room painted in bright colours; greens, pinks, purples and all manner of colours make it appear somewhat claustrophobic. 

Upstairs are 3 bedrooms each full of the personal possessions of the people whose rooms they were. The middle bedroom with a fine collection of 1970s clothes hung up was full of children's items, books and toys amongst other items. Judging from all 3 bedrooms it seems that the family - including the children - just upped and left, leaving everything behind. 

Downstairs shed more light on the house, again, bright colours adorn the walls. What was once probably a lounge or dining room to the cottage had been made into a bedroom for an elderly person, I think a lady. Vintage photographs scattered all around the room seemingly unwanted souvenirs of someone's past. The front door to the cottage led into this bedroom yet had been discarded as an entry point with piles of books and boxes placed in front of it and the back door used instead as an entry point for the former residents.

My guess is, the last occupant lived downstairs and the children had all left home yet left their bedrooms with everything inside. The last occupant may have passed away and the house just became abandoned. Judging by the clothes left in the bedrooms and the decor throughout, it is likely that in the 1970s the children left the house. The children may live abroad now as adults or may just not have any interest in the cottage. As usual, a mystery surrounds the story of yet another abandoned home full of personal artefacts, left to decay over time.

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