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Journey's End cottage, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Journey's End Cottage, Cambridgeshire

A long day was drawing to a close on the recent trip to the South, just one last location to seek out.  We had no idea what was inside this house , whether entry could be possible but it was on the list so we made our way there. Looking from the road, the house looks majestic. Standing alone in the middle of a field without a shield from the elements and today it was being relentlesly baked by the sun.  Long abandoned, gaining access was a matter of crawling through the thick overgrown bushes which surrounded the house, no owner to trim them back.

Decay had long since set in leaving the upstairs floors in a parlous state, I resisted the temptation to walk over the floorboards of the bedrooms to get closer shots. The gaping holes in the rotting floorboards suggested any additional weight may bring the whole floor down upon my  friends who were busy photographing the rooms downstairs! As much as i like to explore every nook and cranny of the locations I value my health and photographic equipment too  much to put them at risk. Anyway there was enough to see from the peeling walls, to the cobweb covered bakelite light switches to keep me occupied. being such a sunny day though and being in a windowless location will always make for tricky conditions to get interiors. The windows facing West appeared like filters for the setting sun.

Downstairs was a delight especially for me and my like for turntables. Not one but two vintage turntables to keep me occupied, one a beautiful 1960's console stereo tube-amp turntable radio [which I did visualise cleaned and polished standing in my lounge!] and the other a typical later 1970's free standing turntable . All we needed was some vinyl and the electric being put back on!

A lovely end to a great day. An hour or so inside this abandoned farm house and our work for the day was complete. A 3am start with an 8pm finish. Relentless sun to tire us yet more, hundreds of miles covered but worth every minute. A thousand laughs and a fair few photographs in the bag.

Myself, Shane and Tony said our goodbyes and were already planning our next tour to find and photograph lost places.  A never ending search. 

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