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Jacqueline's House, Wales, Urbex, Abandoned
Jacqueline's House, Wales 

Visited solo in May 2021, this is a perfect example of the type of building I love to photograph and caught my imagination so many years ago. A true derelict and abandoned former home, a dwelling that is totally redundant as a place anyone could live yet retains items of a personal nature giving hints as to the lives once lived inside when the house was a home. The parlous state of the structure means there is not even a chance of renovation. After so many decades of being uninhabited the building has succumbed to the ravages of time transforming the aesthetics from man-made to organic & nature driven.

In fact, the lounge was so photogenic it became the front cover of my book!

The house itself sits high up in the Welsh countryside on top of a hill overlooking the valley. It was quite a trek to reach the house requiring a few pauses on the way up to catch the breath. It's clear the house has been abandoned for several decades. Bakelite light switches show there was no modernisation whilst it was lived in suggesting it ceased as a home some time in the 1960s at the latest. For at least 60 years it has been stranded on top of the hill with no use except a reminder of the past.

All the personal items left inside the house were of a vintage nature, old photographs, a vacuum cleaner, pamphlets, personal items and so on. It could be that the live house not far from this one is somehow connected through family so I was careful to not be seen by the people pottering in the front gardens of that house whilst there. Other than that in mind, it was a very relaxed explore out in the wilderness. The juxtaposition of the personal items - frozen in time - with the changing textures and colours of the walls made this house so photogenic. A true abandoned house, the very reason I started this kind of photography many years ago.

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