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House of Sadness, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
 The House of Sadness, Yorkshire

Visited with my usual partner in abandoned curiosities Ninja Kitten, this was a curious house situated on a residential street of fairly unspectacular houses. This one stands out due to its obvious parlous state and overgrown surroundings amongst the otherwise ordinariness. 


From what I know, the house was lived in by a lady who passed away age 86. Apparently her only son lives abroad and apart from returning back after her death for the funeral, he has since returned overseas and as a consequence his inheritance has subsequently become a battered relic of a once family home. Most of the clothes and posessions suggested the lady lived there for quite some time after her husband passsed away and ended up living downstairs as a bed was in the back dining room. It isn't suprising she was unable to navigate the staircase in her later years as it was a tiny thing that required some effort to get up. 


The most striking thing about this house was that everything was just left inside. The amount of photograph albums, wedding albums, envelopes crammed with photographs was staggering. I wondered why the son didn't view these items as being worthy of keeping. Along with these were souvenir editions of newspapers from specific events in history, saved as part of a collection.  The one photographed here is the souvenir edition of The Daily Mail dated February 1st 1965 to commemorate the death of Winston Churchill who passed away a week earlier.


her husband was probably a football fan. Lots of vintage football paraphernalia was still in situ unwanted and forgotten. I would imagine these would be quite collectable now as they dated the 1960s and 1970s. 


The smaller upstairs bedroom had many children's books and toys inside although the floor was completely rotten with some areas of it completely missing and therefore a shot from the doorway was all I could get in there. Maybe it was a bedroom for the lady's grandchild?


These types of locations are so interesting due to the unanswered questions about who lived there but more so, why no one cared to retrieve the possessions. Essentially we will never know. The house will continue to fall into disrepair and be targeted by kids spraying graffiti everywhere which always looks sad and makes it a pain when editing it out of the final images as I hate graffiti. 

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