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House of Memories, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
House of Memories, Gloucester

Visited solo in June 2020, the most difficult thing about this house was the walk of death from the car to the house down a busy A road. Once past that it was a fight through the usual summer brambles and nettles with tripod as a trusty baton and the house was there.

Inside was messy and the usual left behind artefacts and decay mixed together. Seemed the house hadn't been lived in for a long time judging by the amount of dust, cobwebs and decay setting in. The floors were creaky but as is the case in old houses, was still solid enough to walk on upstairs. 

The back bedroom was a mass of flies, buzzing around in the warm summer air as the window had been left open. All the bedrooms were a complete chaotic mess, things piled up and thrown around the rooms, was difficult to get the tripod on solid flooring most of the time.

The usual artefacts were still in situ, from letters to photographs and documents. It's not really possible to make out a history of the house from the documents found lying around. Someone called mrs smith may have lived there at some point but beyond that, no history can be found. 

Another abandoned house left to decay and an enjoyable few hours photographing it then left in peace once more to be swallowed up by the brambles

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