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House of Faith, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
The House of Faith, Herefordshire

A house impossible to see in the summertime from the road it sits by due to the severity of overgrown bushes and the dreaded brambles. After a good 20 minutes wading through the razor sharp foliage beating it back with my tripod the house finally became visible.

A fairly non-descript house - probably of the 1930's - from the outside, inside remained the contents of a life. The house seemingly no longer wanted by anyone, nor the contents inside.

It was obvious that the last resident was an older lady as not much remained to suggest any male presence in the house. Many religious artefacts could be seen suggesting a lady of faith and devotion. Most of her possessions still remained inside looking dated and tired. I would imagine the house has been abandoned for several years judging by the dates on the food tins inside the kitchen cupboards. The clothes in the wardrobe looked very dated, mainly from the 1970's. A wardrobe full of clothes is always a true reminder of a past life within the now vacant house.

Downstairs a kitchen and large living room. Magazines stacked high, carefully piled in order of date. Odds and ends littered the table tops and floors, her shoes still next to a vintage table and satchel by a wall.  Not too much decay inside except for large patches of damp on the walls and a musky smell throughout. Otherwise the house was still quite well preserved.

Upstairs, just one small bedroom and another tiny storage room. It was probably big enough for an older lady to live her final days. Suggestions of an interest in arts and crafts in the storarge room with embroidery piled high and a box of oil paints. 

On a small table in the lounge by the settee, was still a decanter, filled with what smelled like sherry. A few glasses remained unused. The sherry never drank.

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