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The House of Ashes, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
The House of Ashes, Surrey

Almost impossible to get to due to its position geographically as well as the outrageous overgrown land all around this long abandoned and severely decaying former home. 
Inside the decay was advanced, water damage everywhere, rotten floors and collapsing walls, just as I like it!

Many artefacts still inside to make for interesting exploring, many nik-naks to rummage through as I like to do, and letters to read!
Highlight of the house must be the vintage wooden high best thing to a perambulator for me! Glorious reminders of the way things used to be made, to last. If that high chair was still standing whilst all around it collapsed then that's testimony to how well made it was!

No history, no clues as usual......just a load of images with flashes of someone's life.

This was the house with the urns which have caused some debate when published previously. For me, they are part of the house therefore are to be included. They are part of the history as everything left behind always is, but their presentation is key, as always. All names and potential clues are deleted therefore integrity and respect is honoured for the dead. From time to time, whilst photographing abandoned homes, sensitive things can be found. It is up to the photographer to treat them with respect. 

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