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House Khanada, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
House Khanada, Derbyshire

Standing right next to a quarry it is little wonder this house didn't have any takers once the last person left! Whilst inside the earth shook many times and the walls rattled and moved as if I was in a cheap film set of cardboard props....


Nothing too remarkable inside, an empty shell, so it was a case of working with shapes, light as well as what was not present, rather than what was present as in the other houses full of artefacts.


Each room was a magical splash of retro wallpaper. 1970's mainly. Bright colours, odd combinations typical of that period. The louder the colour the more it was in vogue it seems! Empty rooms, shadows beside light. Shapes created by the dim light coming through the window. It was hard to imagine family life inside this house such was its sparcity. However, an idea of when the house was last occupied could be determined roughly from the pop music cuttings on an upstairs bedroom wall. In essence, the cuttings of The Human League and Duran Duran mirrored my own bedroom wall in the early 1980's, a great trip down memory lane for me! Nice to have an abandoned house where i could imagine my own musical tastes once emanating from!


As far as I know, the row of houses here are all to be demolished once the occupants have left. There are 2 more occupied. Soon I imagine there will be no sign that anyone ever lived here to close the windows and drown out the sound of the quarry blasts from outside their door.

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