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House Dominique, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
House Dominique, Chester

Visited solo in January 2019 then back for a second visit with Becci [Ninja Kitten] in the next month. 


A nice walk along the canal and through the field and the house appears surrounded by abandoned farmland and outbuildings and the obligatory decaying Land Rover Defender. 

Inside the house is quite decayed but is not a typical farmhouse, a little more modern than the quintessential Welsh farmhouses visited.

Left behind belongings are scattered everywhere and it looks as if someone started to bag up the belongings after the last resident passed away then just stopped leaving the house to fall into disrepair.

Photographing houses is always a challenge compared to other types of buildings due to the personal nature. This house certainly needed to be photographed with diligence due to some of the personal items left behind. One must remember these items are personal to the owner and must be treated with respect. I always hope I photograph with a great deal of respect and consideration for the previous owner and some sympathy. It would be easy to leave some items out, but they are part of the history so are included. The viewer decides if that was right for themselves.

I did get a little rattles on my solo visit when I entered the kitchen and not only was there a small lamp still burning away but also a sign warning visitors to stay away from the house. One never knows how long they have been like that but these things do stoke the anxiety levels somewhat.

Becci enjoyed the visit when we returned the next month and it appears since we went the current owner has begun to clear the house of its belongings and attempted to secure the site.

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